Hi, I'm Marisella

I help underpaid, top-performing women in technology advance faster into senior-level roles by increasing their visibility and confidence! 

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You feel stuck, a lack of growth, and have a lot of untapped potential. 

Truth bomb-you feel really unchallenged right now and not seen for your abilities. 


You were just passed over for a promotion or recently discovered how underpaid you really are. 


You are someone who doesn't just "settle" and always wants to have a plan. 


You have experience and you're trying to figure out how to get seen for this next level and not keep taking lateral roles. 

You are beyond that. 

 You might have gone down the LinkedIn rabbit hole occasionally and nothing pops out...


And second guessing yourself if you're "qualified" for your first management, Director, or VP-level role. 


You know another degree, certification, and more tech skills won't generate the senior-level opportunities you really want. 


I can help get back to alignment on claiming your experience differently, positioning yourself confidently for opportunities that excite you, and transforming your corporate career using my methodology and results-driven coaching style. 

Executive Speaker + Featured Career Coach for:

Women Impact Tech + Women in Product!


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