Hi, I'm Marisella

I help underpaid, top-performing women in tech advance into senior-level roles by claiming their value+ increasing their base pay using LinkedIn. 

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You feel under appreciated and all you want is to be happy in your career...

Truth bomb-you hate your job.


You are in a rut right now and want to feel appreciated.


Working for an organization that empowers you to lead, grow, and make major impact is top of mind for you right now.


You have experience and you're trying to figure out what's next. How do you take your current skill sets and repackage them to land a higher job title with more pay.


You might have gone down the LinkedIn rabbit hole occasionally and nothing pops out...


And second guessing yourself if you're "qualified" is something you keep questioning when you see the roles you would love to have...


You know you need a roadmap without having to get another degree, another certification, and more tech skills that you know magically won't get you a seat at the table (or offers)... 


I can help you achieve those goals and get you the focus you need to do this job change right. 

Executive Speaker + Featured Career Coach for:

Women Impact Tech + Women in Product!


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