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I have always believed if the dream is in you--it's for you! Join my mission each week to hear how others are leaning into what they love and following their career passions to build a life of total fulfillment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish feeling motivated to live life more authentically without the burn out and financial sacrifice. 


I'M Marisella.

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I want you to have more abundance and opportunities in your career, expand your team, and scale your business sustainably.

Through her wildly popular courses , diversity and business speaking events, engaging online presence, and  daily career and business content.. she empowers women of color in product, business, and creators to design lives  they are wildly obsessed with.

She has been featured as top Executive Coach by Influence + Digest Phoenix 2022

She has been a keynote and served on executive panels for Women Impact Tech, Latinas in Tech, and Women in Product. 

Combining her background in Global Human Resources and successfully leading her consulting startup serving multi-passionate women in technology, startup founders, and online creators. 

Her practical advice and a deep knowledge of HR principles, Marisella isn’t quite like any other "HR consultant" you’ve encountered.

A true self-made 1st generation Latina born into a migrant working family, Marisella  putting herself through HR graduate school. After a decade in corporate, Marisella taught herself how to build her first consulting and online website that supports changing economic barriers for LatinX and Black women. 

12 years later, Marisella Bodrero is a HR thought-leader  in DEI and empowering women who are breaking cycles and economic barriers. 

Her mission has always been to help WOC and non-binary communities build generational wealth and fall back in love with a career they love (without the burnout or financial sacrifice).

She serves ambitious product leaders, creators, and aspiring brand builders who are here to change the world. 

Marisella Bodrero llc is based in Los Angeles, California. She is a wife and mom to a 5-year old daughter and poodle-bischon dog. 

Her courses will help you make the mind, body, soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.

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"I received a $20,000 raise after receiving a promotion as a Senior Product Manager."

Nandini K.

"I got promoted from an individual contributor into a Director of Data with a $100,000 all in raise."

Marlene M.


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