The BIGGEST Mistake I See On A Resume And How To Avoid It

I can’t even guess how many resumes I have reviewed in my career. No really-it’s so many! It’s so many that I see people make this mistake over. and over.

I see women make this mistake 90% of the time on their resume because they are taught to write the resume in the WORST possible way.

So here it goes…

Telling but not showing.

Yep, I see this way too often and it’s such a deal breaker on a resume. I want to make sure you stop making this very common mistake that I see day in and day out.

When you’re telling on a resume, you are just listing information that doesn’t tell me the how, why, and what the final outcome was of that effort.

Here is what I’m talking about. I have the perfect example of what I typically see:

Telling: Organized and hard working individual with ability to multi-task projects.

(This is general, doesn’t tell me much about how you’re organized, or why you can multi-task)

Showing: Managed variety of projects for 10+ clients each month while executing profit strategies to generate over 1 million dollars in revenue.

(This tells me how many clients each month, what the goals was, and the final outcome-profit)!

See the difference?

I guarantee if you start showing in your resume rather than telling, your resume will sing sister!

Employers want to see the story of how you impacted and actioned in your experiences.

Listing off a set of responsibilities like a grocery check list is ineffective and not showing the superstar you really are momma!

Don’t be boring girlfriend. You have way too much to offer to an employer to be boring.

You’ve got this, and I want you to SHINE!

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Marisella Bodrero