How To Convince Your Boss To Work From Home

Yoga pants and my laptop is pretty much how I roll every day and I LOVE IT! So you want some more flexibility in your work arrangement right? YES PLEASE! Many of the mommas I coach are craving to find a working arrangement that supports their career and family needs. I PROMISE having this conversation with your boss doesn’t have to be so scary as long as you know how to prepare for it.

So that brings me here to this blog post. I want to show you the steps that will help you to bring your dreams of staying at home with your babies and working in your jammies. No commute, no long makeup routine, and working in your own environment sounds like a dream to me!

STEP 1: State how working from home benefits the organization

Are you going to save the company money because they are lowering overhead costs by you not being in the office? Are you able eliminate a commute and start work earlier? What are the tangible benefits that will come from you working from home? These are all questions you need to think through and write down as many benefits that will help build your case.

STEP 2: Provide different work arrangement options

You want your boss to feel like they have some say in your work arrangement. A way to do this is come up with 2 different choices they can review and decide which one will work for business needs. I recommend sitting down and mapping out what work schedule truly will work for you. You can have it look like this:

Option A

(Name) will work from home 4 days every month so that i can X

Option B

(Name) will work from home every Friday so that I can X

Remember always end the options with the verbiage, “so that I can X.” You will insert the benefit that the organization will have if based on the options you provide them.

3.) Anticipate objections

Plan on your boss having some objections. There is a 50% chance they will approve your request spot on, but plan on there being a high chance they need to think about it or talk to their boss about it. Try to write down 3 top concerns your boss will have about the work arrangements you are pitching and see if you can nail down some ways to overcome them. For example:

Boss:I’m concerned with you not being in the office everyday that you won’t get the visibility with business partners that like to meet in person.”

You: “I was thinking through that and I appreciate you raising that. After putting some thought to it, I realized that I plan on allocating my Mondays to be in the office and scheduling all my in person meetings on those days. This will ensure our clients are happy with the face to face interactions and I can also keep to a more flexible work arrangement.”

The goal of anticipating objections (and overcoming them) is to show your boss that you really have though through these. This is going to help your case because if you can overcome all the concerns, there is a higher chance your request will get approved.

4.) If it’s a no, pitch it as a pilot

So you go through steps 1-3, and your boss STILL says no. The best thing you can do at this point is give it one last shot with this tactic that seems to work well in corporate america. Let your boss know you appreciate them listening to your request, but thought if you can at least pilot one of the options presented and then decide from there. Truthfully, too many managers in today’s organizations are insecure to make decisions on their own. However, I have a work around this. When you pitch things as a “pilot,” managers are more likely to approve them because it allows them to try something without fully committing to the decision. That way, if it goes well, it’s a hell yes let’s do this or if it doesn’t go well, it’s a hello no we don’t do this and nobody feels committed to anything.

So there you have it sisters! A step by step strategy to help you pitch your work from home in your PJ’s and balancing your family needs. If you found these steps helpful, make sure you grab my FREE guide to my top job search strategies for women (and moms)!

Marisella Bodrero