3 Career Mental Blocks And How To Blast Past Them

Ah, unmotivated to go to work lately huh? You’re feeling a bit of anxiety right now on what your next move is. The overwhelming thought process of either trying to move up at your job or finding a completely new opportunity just keeps lingering. These mental career blocks happen to all of us. It’s a scary cycle we tend to get into every 2 years and it’s important we recognize the signs and how to manage these funks we will find ourselves in.

Girl-I got you. I’m here to help you define which one you’re struggling with and how to blast past it. So listen up buttercup, because momma has some answers that could drastically be a game changer!

1. You say, “I know, but…”

This is danger zone because we have subconsciously stopped ourselves from truly evaluating our options and ability to see through ideas. In other words-we didn’t even give it a true chance. We stopped that idea before we could even really put some thought if it’s a great idea or not. Take the indecisiveness out of it sister! It’s either a great idea and move forward with action or say it’s not a priority for you at this time and own that choice. Commit you will give yourself some space to think-does this idea align with my greater plan? Is this decision going to bring me less stress and more joy? What are my true options to achieve more of what I want? Commit to a choice with a deadline of when you need to make this decision (within reason) and hold yourself accountable. We get caught up in the fear of actually making a wrong decision that we end up spending too much time in the non-decision making zone. This becomes a habbit we have difficulty breaking and can’t help but do it because it protects us from failure.

2. Create and nurture relationships

Are you struggling to connect with women that ignite your passions and excitement to thrive in your career? You might be on a all-male team or belong to an organization where it’s tougher to have more networking opportunities to meet a diverse mix of individuals. If that is the case, I encourage you to make it a point to attend at least 1 networking or conference event every 3 months where you can find like-minded women. Target events that are in the same career field as you so you can find commonalities from those you find inspiring.

You want to have those connections with women who you can sit with for hours and talk life, career, and share your wins, and exchange advice. These are the women you want to invest your time in. These are the women you want to keep surrounding yourself with so you can share opportunities and attend conferences with! Make it a point to have a monthly lunch dates with at least 1-2 of these women to keep nurturing that relationship.

3. You’re scared to fail

We are all programmed to feel some uncomfortableness when we are not comfortable. What we do with that uncomfortable feeling is another story. When we respond to uncomfortable feelings by being doubtful and swallowing that painful fear of possibly failing. Possibly not being selected for a job. Possibly not getting the raise you asked for. Possibly starting over in an industry that is new to you. Whatever the possibility is that you’re thinking you’re going to fail at, is exactly what is keeping you from growth. If you’re scared to fail, get a strategy sister! Strategy reduces anxiety, takes out the guessing, and allows you to get to your end game a whole lot faster.

I get it-failure is that unbearable pain and suffering we don’t want to feel. Sometimes that first outcome might not be the complete desired one, but then you go back to your strategy to refine it, and try again. This is how you can overcome that fear of failure every single time.

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Marisella Bodrero