How Smart Women Will Find Jobs In 2019

Let’s talk strategy momma.

According to the Bureau of Labor, we have been at a 3.7 unemployment rate for the past few months to end 2018. From my research and predictions for 2019, we are going to remain at that same percentage for 2019. This is great news!

There are a few ways I coach my clients on how they need to prepare for the job market and how smart women are finding multiple opportunities at any given time.

Freshen up your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters tackle LinkedIn as a sea to find potential talent. Most companies (even smaller ones) are now up to speed with using LinkedIn as part of their investment to find talent. It’s even become a tool used as one of the primary ways to source passive talent. It’s a one-stop shop to find profiles based on target keywords, skill sets, career history, etc. If your LinkedIn is non-existent, you need to consider spending a few hours on the weekend to update all your relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments.

Reach out to your network

Start info gathering from friends and contacts you have that work with potential companies you’re targeting. Even if your contact doesn’t know of opportunities at the moment, they can often provide your contact details to the recruiter and/or hiring manager who is often hiring for positions you would be interested in. Your contacts can also refer you to other contacts within their network at other companies if you’re looking for specific industries. You are 4X more likely to be hired if you are referred to a hiring manager.

Invest in active networking communities

Make sure you are paying attention to any Facebook groups, meetups, and local social events that are going on in your city. If you’re open to relocating, I would recommend taking a trip to one of the cities you’re targeting and lining up 3-4 events you can attend within a week or weekend and start meeting contacts that could turn into potential leads for you.

The key to being smart in your job search is to make sure you have your basics aligned (LinkedIn, resume, etc.) and create opportunities for yourself to engage with potential employers outside of an online job application processs. I think applying online should be complimentary to your job search strategy, but without getting in front and talking with people first, you will spend a lot of your time waiting to hear back and frustrated with no progress.

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