My Favorite Job Searching Tools For Moms That Actually Work

Moms are busy.

Like reallll busy. So that means we need FASTER job searching tools that connects us to the type of opportunities we are actually interested in.

Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and LinkedIn are all your traditional job board platforms, but it’s time we got more specific to what moms need and “get us.”

The fight to keep and acquire fresh female talent from entry-level to C-suite level positions has been top of mind for many organizations. The organizations that “get it” continue to stabilize their female to male employees because of one thing; they offer support for moms.

Organizations are starting to catch wind that the key ingredient to consistently grow their female talent is to support women with a specific way that resonates with them-supportive parenting programs.

Now that we are starting to shift the mindsets in corporate america on the importance of having equal female representation at the board room table or in the trenches cranking out marketing solutions to acquire new clients, we have to start providing solutions to meet the needs of moms to feel fully supportive in their career.

Here are some of my favorite job searching tools that specifically are curated for the modern momma, who is on the job hunt for a new opportunity, but still has priorities to her children that she wants to ensure is being supported.

  1. The Mom Project

This job platform is a digital talent marketplace specifically for moms. The Mom Project has made it their mission to connect employers with moms who are ready to drive impact and ensure their family needs are never compromised. This digital platform allows an individual to create a profile, search for opportunities, and learn about organizations that are “mom-friendly.”

2. Werk

This job board is the only one I could find that requires a “pre-negotiated flexibility” arrangement. The flexibility options could include opportunities for part-time, remote, condensed schedules, etc.

3. Power to Fly

Remote opportunities, mentorship, and resources all specifically designed for women in tech, digital, marketing, and sales space. This platform hosts opportunities from startups to fortune 500 companies that are targeting women who are looking for unique opportunities that support the working momma.

4. Career Contessa

A full resource for women to engage with webinars, jobs, and bad ass stories about women in leadership positions in industries like brand development, engineering, and health. My favorite part of this website is that it offers something for everyone, even if you’re looking to launch your own side hustle! Check out their free downloads and start investing in some night reading with their awesome content.

5. InHerSight

Connect rockstar women and companies is the fuel for this platform. Search jobs by location, read a blog that highlights topics that matter to women, and create a profile that allows you to connect with other women to network about career and mentorship opportunities.

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite job search platforms specifically for the modern day working momma. Make sure you leave a comment below on which one is your favorite and why you love this one!

P.S-We are all about empowering other women here. So make sure you share this with your tribe and inspire other women to check out these amazing resources! I also have an AMAZING webinar coming up to get your resume on point sister. Click the link below for more info!

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