My Top Do's And Don'ts For A Bad Ass LinkedIn Profile

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Let’s chat about one of my very favorite social platforms-LinkedIn! It’s one if the biggest social platforms for professional networking and it’s pretty bad ass for networking. Linkedin allows you the ability to upload a snapshot of your professional experience, skills, accomplishments, and references all on one social page. It even gives you the inside scoop on companies if you know what to look for and how.

So why use Linkedin? Here’s why.

With almost 600 million users, Linkedin is a sea for opportunity because this is where most fortune 500 decision makers spend most of their time scrolling. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. So if you’re looking at expanding your professional network, you MUST be on Linkedin. The content feed is loaded with what is happening NOW in the job market, who raised their next round of series funding, large organizations making changes, and influential leaders making moves. Moves you want to be in the know about.

So let’s talk about the MAJOR do’s and dont’s on LinkedIn.


  • Do make sure your profile header captures a headline that incorporates targeted words that align with your background. If you don’t intentionally input a profile header, it will default to your current role. When recruiters are doing their sourcing on LinkedIn, they are often mining through thousands of profiles with general titles and will filter it down by seniority level, job titles, and other variables based on the role. You want your profile header to be the one that stands out so they include you in their batch emails out to potential leads they find. So what I’m saying is-you’re header needs to capture a recruiter’s attention!

  • Do ask for 3-4 recommendations from past co-workers, prior managers, and individual’s in your professional network that can speak to your work and character. My best tip to ask for recommendations is to pay it forward first and give them a recommendation on their profile and the in return they can provide you one. Be intentional about who you ask for recommendations though, you want someone that has a solid career background and really provide a detailed recommendation for you. This is going on your profile and you want their reviews to be well thought out, detailed, and convincing that you are a BADASSS candidate.

  • Do make sure you go to job seeking preferences (located in profile settings) and have the “let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities” toggle button set for YES. This button is really hidden if you don’t know about it. This allows recruiters know you want to be reached out to and private messaged about potential opportunities. If this button isn’t turned on, you could be passed on being messaged.

  • Do upgrade to the premium account for 1 month (it’s free) so you can have access to more information about each company you’re targeting and can have more information available to you as your job hunting. If you have the finances to invest in your job search, keep the premium account until you find your next opportunity. It gives you amazing data that you can leverage in your job search.

  • Do make sure you’re following every company you’re targeting during your job search so you can stay updated on job alerts and company news. When you follow a company, your feed will automatically provide updates on what is trending with that specific company.

  • Do use the platform to research who you’re interviewing with and info gather as much as you can about team members. Take a look at things like alma matter, groups they are part of, people they follow, and interest they list on their profile.

  • Do use a professional headshot for your profile picture. The personal selfies that you take with your best friend can be saved for other social platforms.


  • Don’t leave your profile bare. Make sure you list out all the last 3-4 positions you have held within the last 10-15 years that are applicable to your career. If you’re a new grad or don’t have a ton of experience, utilize any volunteer or internship experience you can list.

  • Don’t just list your job titles and companies you have worked for and think that is a completed profile. Make sure you spend the time to bullet point out your key responsibilities and impacts you made at each role.

  • Don’t ask for strangers to endorse you. LinkedIn has an option you ca endorse someone and ask them to be a referral. If you haven’t take the time to build a relationship with someone, don’t ask them for favors like this. Being a referral is something very personal and validates someone’s credibility to refer someone. Build a relationship with someone before asking them to refer or endorse you.

  • Don’t start debates over posts or content. If you disagree with a post, you don’t need to start negative arguments with the author or the individual who shared it. LinkedIn is not the platform to start unproductive debates on.

  • Don’t go inactive. If you have a Linkedin, make sure you’re using it on a weekly basis to connect with other and stay up to date with your industry or companies that are top of mind for you.

  • Don’t stalk recruiters. It’s great to connect with them and start the conversation if you have applied for a position and reiterate your interest in the role and company. Once you send a message, follow up in a week or so, but then move on. You don’t need to send weekly messages to them via LinkedIn about the same topic (even if they don’t respond).

So there you have it, my favorite do’s and don’ts of all time for LinkedIn for a bad ass profile! If you found this content helpful, I have an upcoming webinar that includes a special LinkedIn bonus for participating (hint: a LinkedIn freebie is going to be available for those attending my upcoming webinar). Snag your seat below!

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