How To Handle A Career Transition Like A BOSS BABE!

Scary, stressful, and overwhelming is how most will describe a career transition. With all of these difficult emotions, people will often hold off on making a transition because they don’t want to to deal with the challenges that come with changing job and going through the actual process of change.

The mental game that comes with networking, preparing for interviews, and waiting on a hiring decision can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Getting rejected after an interview can feel even worse.

But what if there was a way where you can mentally prepare yourself to make a transition so it didn’t feel so overwhelming and you understood how to make this transition part of bigger plan for yourself. Getting super clear on the WHY is going to be a game changer in how you mentally approach all your decisions for making this change.

The key to minimizing the stress of career transitions is to make sure you’re truly prepared to make the change and asking yourself the right questions. Most people don’t ask themselves the right questions and then they transition into a new job risking that within a year, they are most likely going to be back to square one. But if you take away the shiny bells and whistles of a new job, what is left? Is the core of this job change really going to fill that void for you?

Maybe it will, but if you don’t have the right transition mindset in place, it probably won’t.

Here are my coaching tips I highly suggest as you’re going through a career transition. Create some space and time to think over these so you can ensure you have the optimal outcome.

Tip #1

What are you currently missing right now in your career? Do you feel like you’re not being valued? Do you feel like you’re not being rewarded for the efforts you’re making each day? Get to the core of what’s truly missing right now. It’s important to be self aware of what the root issue is so you can create a solution that truly addresses it.

Tip #2

You need to have support during this transition. Career transitions are extremely taxing for you to go through this solo sister. If you don’t have a female tribe that offer guidance, a current mentor, or coach to walk you through these decisions, you’re going to become overwhelmed.

Having someone who has experience and can offer help as you narrow down a game plan for your next career steps is critical. These difficult decisions should never be made without talking them through with someone who can be another set of listening ears for you. Our emotions during this transition can be sensitive, so we want to make sure we don’t make any sudden changes without getting some feedback.

Tip # 3

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my purpose for this transition? (My dream career is this….I have a vision myself in this type of work…) Transitioning because you’re bored is not a good enough reason. Change just for change is a HORRIBLE habit to develop in your career. You will get the “high” of a change and then a year being into the new job you will want something else. THERE IS NO REAL CHANGE.

  2. Why is this transition good for you? What is this transition going to do that will make it good for you personally and professionally? How will this impact your family?

  3. How does making this change align with my bigger goals? If it doesn’t align, it’s probably not the right move. Making a job change isn’t always the answer if it’s not going to align with the bigger vision for yourself. If you haven’t taken the time to figure out what your bigger goals are, you need to stop and do some self reflection on this immediately.

Make these questions mandatory whenever you’re considering a career change. It’s important you understand your purpose and why behind these decisions. I can guarantee you will save yourself from making bad career decisions that won’t truly solve the issue of what you’re facing right now.

You got this momma! With my tips, I can promise you that approaching your career goals with a strategy will provide you more confidence in your next move.

Marisella Bodrero