What These Interview Answers Really Mean To A Hiring Manager

So the day is here, it’s interview day! You have worked so hard momma to get to this day and secure this interview time slot. But now, you have to make a positive impression in an hour to two hour interview with a hiring manager and their interview team.

It’s not uncommon that I see some of the BEST talent get turned down for jobs. Their resume is the best, they come highly recommended, and then it comes down to the interview-AND THEY BOMB IT.

As someone who has sat in hundreds of interviews, I have learned some of the WORST answers that a lot of women think are the right things to say, but they aren’t.

So I want to dive into some of these answers so you can intentionally prepare for your upcoming interview and leave these answers out so you can bring that inner Beyoncé out and nail it!

Worst Answer #1

When you say: "I’m looking to leave my current company because my manager was really difficult to work for and the company doesn’t have any growth opportunities.”

What the hiring manager hears: You badmouthing your last employer and not trying owning your career growth.

Worst Answer #2

When you say: “I applied for this job because I saw the ad on a job board and it seemed like it could be interesting and a good fit.”

What the hiring manager hears: You literally put no thought into why the hell you want to work here and your lack of preparation is making them cringe right now.

Worst Answer #3

When you say: “ One of my biggest weaknesses is I’m a perfectionist.”

What the hiring manager hears: You’re not self aware. The “perfectionist” answer is literally so over used and generic that we are all tired of hearing this answer. Everyone has weaknesses, and it’s important to own it and not scoot around this answer.

Worst Answer #4

When you say: “I left my last job because I needed a change.”

What the hiring manager hears: You’re all over the place in your career and you don’t really know what you want right now.

Worst Answer #5

When you say: “I don’t have any questions, I think we covered everything.”

What the hiring manager hears: You must not be that interested in this opportunity if you don’t have questions.

These are my top 5 worst responses I hear almost every week in interviews. Don’t let these answers creep into any of your answers and stay clear of these! How you present yourself in an interview is going to be a dealbreaker and will override the best resume, the best reference, and really anything else.

Marisella Bodrero