How To Slay Your Career In A Male Dominated Industry

Male dominating industries are not going to be obsolete anytime soon…so get comfy with the idea that for the next 10 years, we are still going to see certain industires be male-dominating unless we change it. If we want to change it, we have to get in front of what we have control of as women that can make a dent in male dominating industries.

As a recruiter who hired in a male-dominating tech industry for years, I know the fears and concerns women deal with. These setbacks are all real because this is reality for some women even single day.

I was inspired to write this blog post for my ladies who are constantly challenged with having a voice in male-dominating fields and want to make an impact and utilize their femininity as a tool to succeed and not feel it’s a weakness in your career.

How do you slay in a career that’s male dominated? Here’s what I recommend:

Focus on doing your job exceptionally first-PERIOD.

When we focus on performing exceptionally for our team and leaders we report into, we have a much stronger voice. If you want to change your situation, you have to start with what you can control. What you can control first is 100% being on your A-game at work and performing exceptionally. When we focus on being an exceptionally team player first, we can establish our credibility and show that we take our career seriously just like anyone else.

Stay strong from the get go.

Make sure you put your stance from the beginning that you can hold your own. You have ideas-offer them. You see an opportunity that will be beneficial for your career-go after it. Offer your opinion and be proud with using your voice to improve a situation. Don’t be afraid to let your boss know what your goals and needs are because chances are, your male peers aren’t holding back their voice. So neither should you.

Don’t be the YES person

There are going to come times in your career when you’re going to be given an assignment or task within a larger project that you don’t want. Voicing what part of the project you want to take on or how you want to approach your part, is encouraged! Sometimes people forget to delegate to people’s strengths and career desires, so it’s important to remind your boss of this and voice what you want. I’m not saying to say no to everything, but be mindful of what your current bandwidth is and what can you realistically take on that won’t make you go looney tune. Being constantly overwhelmed by never ending tasks and projects is only going to cause burn out and you will begin to start resenting your job and developing a negative outlook.

Have an advocate

When you have an individual who can champion your work and be a mentor for you along the way, it’s a game changer! Your advocate will sponsor you within your organization Start taking the time now to build strong relationships with your boss and their senior leaders. When you have leaders that can publicly support you, it can make a huge impact in your experience at an organization. You want this person to advocate for you when it comes time for raises, promotions, project alignments, etc.

Another tip I recommend is to pay attention to who your boss opinion do they value? Is it a specific leader or one of their peers that they seem to gravitate towards when it comes to decision-making? Find out who that person is for them and make sure you’re developing a relationship with that individual too.

Okay girlfriend, you have my top tips for how to slay your career in a male dominated industry! I’m excited for you to apply these tips and would love to hear how they are working for you! Drop me a note at so I can hear your story!

Marisella Bodrero