My Morning Routine And How Other Influential Leaders Start Their Day

Have you ever wanted more energy in your day with kids, work, or school?

I know most of us CRAVE to feel more energy when we get up so we can kick start our day with productivity and the appropriate output needed to perform at our highest levels.

In this blog post, I want to hit on some amazing tips and tricks to a BETTER MORNING to feel more vibrant, productive, and focused to kick start your day. These insights are not only proven methods, but before I blogged about them, I wanted to try them myself. With that said, I did! And I can honestly say doing all of these things are a GAME CHANGER for me now.

I actually crave doing my morning routine because I hated feeling low energy, foggy, and just rolling into my day with the improper mindset. I wasn’t lazy, I was just uneducated on HOW to do it.

Keep in mind that a morning routine details are not a one-size fits all. the details within the framework of my morning routine looks like is going to look different than yours. The purpose of this post is to offer you some PROVEN foundations to start with that you NEED in your routine to get you going. AS YOU PROGRESS, YOU WILL FIND WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU.

Also, these morning rituals are for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if you go to school, work all day in corporate, have your own business, or are chasing kiddos around all day. This morning routine will work. What I love about morning routines is you see the effects immediately on how it changes your day. This alone was motivation for me to keep doing it everyday and as I started doing it every week, I didn’t want to go back to how I was before. I am still a student on developing a better morning routine for myself all the time, but this is what I have found works for some of the most high performers and it worked for me too!

Train yourself to wake up BEFORE your daily responsibilities start.

You have to give yourself the time and space to do an effective morning routine. My morning routine typically takes me about 1-2 hours in the morning, but that depends on my schedule for the day. Sometimes it does take me the full 2 hours (when I’m counting my exercise workout as part of that).

If you’re limited on time in the morning, 30 minutes is the least amount I would recommend. Don’t focus on how long it is. The point is you start doing it and at least get yourself moving in the right direction of actually having a morning routine. It’s okay to start in shorter increments and as you build your consistency, you can always add to it (like me). The time will adjust as you consistently do it because you will find what works for you, what you like, and what helps you.

So you’re probably wondering what time I get up? I get up everyday anytime between 4:30am-6am (again depending on my schedule for the day). I’m also a wife, mom, and running a business-so my morning routine HAS to start before everyone else is up. If I don’t, it won’t get done and then I’m not setting myself up for success to do it. You have to create the time otherwise it won’t happen.

And yes, that means you have to get to bed earlier in order to compensate for waking up earlier. I used to struggle with going to bed earlier because I would stay up and work, scroll on social media, and nothing that was actually allowing myself to mentally promote good sleep for the night.

I LOVE how much more vibrant I feel to start my morning routine when I’m well rested (7-8 hours of QUALITY sleep). I will write another blog post about sleep, because this has been another daily habit that I can offer some great tips on to help you start a better habit with this.

Start your day with an intentional game plan.

Start your day with figuring out what are the priorities for the day, what are your “must do tasks” that have to get done, what are your focuses, and how do you want to show up in your day, who do you need to be on your A-game for? All of these questions are things I ask myself on the DAILY. I’m still perfecting this part of my planning, but I have learned that the more I practice this type of planning, I keep getting better and better at it. In return, MY DAYS GET BETTER AND BETTER!

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, what you spend most of your day doing, or what type of career you have-YOU NEED TO START YOUR DAY WITH A GAME PLAN IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR DAILY, WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY GOALS. Success is not on accident.

I think the best way to get started with this for ease-get a planner or a journal that promotes this. I have adopted the mindset that if it’s not in my planner, it's not happening! There are multiple different planners that are specifically for this type of mindset for busy people and planning.

Some of my favorites lately are:

The High Performance Planner

Start Today Journal

Create Your Version Of Prayer, Meditation, Or Stillness.

You cannot enter your day with a chaotic mind. You are not serving yourself or anyone else by doing this. When we start our day with a peaceful mind, we are more kinder, more grateful, more service-minded, and more willing to give of ourselves because we are in a state of being at peace with whatever is going on with us.

I believe that if we truly want to impact the world? It has to start with us. It has to start with our actions, our thoughts, our ability to activate those abilities we can’t just do on our own. Those stillness moments are when we can have clarity on what matters-even when we are in chaos, adversity, and we feel like so much is against us.

When I started practicing this with daily meditation and prayer, I found myself completely at peace every day NO MATTER WHAT was being thrown at me. I realized I could actually handle more because I was mentally ready for it. If you are in a career or your day is high-demanding on time, energy, and mental focus-YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO SKIP THIS. This is crucial! In order to lead your people properly, you have to make sure you can actually handle it the way you need to.

Move your body and fuel it for the day

Taking care of myself has been one of my main focuses this past year. I have been extremely intentionally with what I’m consuming with food, water intake, and what I’m doing to help make my body physically stronger.

It’s a fact that fueling our bodies for the output we need it to do and conditioning it with exercise is necessary. Think of this:

If you’re running around with kiddos all day-how are you able to keep up with the demands of trying to keep up? If you’re taking classes all day at a university, how are you able to mentally focus yourself to consume all of the knowledge and retain it? If you’re in meetings all day at work, how are you able to lead and produce when you’re running on empty?

It doesn’t matter what your day looks like, fueling your body and training it to handle more and recover faster is going to keep that energy you need for the day. Moving my body will sometimes be an intense workout, a jog, or some yoga. Anything to get my body moving and the blood flow allows me to clear my head and physically get in the zone for the day.

As far as food for fuel goes, I typically like to stick to a protein shake with a good carb, my favorite green smoothie that promotes energy, or avocado toast. I will do another blog post on the specifics of the food part. The main thing is to fuel your body to get your mind and body ready for the day.

For me, I like healthy proteins and superfoods in my breakfast to help promote the energy I specifically need for the prolific output required for my day.

Mentally fuel your mind with positive literature or podcasts.

I find that doing my daily reading on personal development, reading my scriptures, or listening to a podcast that inspires me to be better-helps me start my day with a student mindset.

I’m a student first when it comes to learning more and reaching my goals. Finding ways to keep my mind sharp with new learning nuggets keeps me inspired, promotes growth, and expands my mind to something I never would have thought of without reading.

Leaders are readers. In order to lead at the highest levels- people on our team, co-workers, children, etc. we have to expand our minds and knowledge base. When we stop learning we stop growing. Reading has allowed me to learn from so many different thought leaders, experts, and fascinating people that helps keep my learning rich.

These are the high-level “must have’s” with my morning routine. Sometimes it is condencesd into 30 minutes (depending on my schedule) and sometimes it takes almost 2 hours. I don’t let my tight schedule take away from my ability to do it though. I never make it not an option because I know how much more HAPPIER I am when I do adopt this routine into my morning.

I will dive even deeper into more intricate things I do during my morning routine but they all layer under these main concepts I just outlined.

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