Why This Mistake Will Cost You 💰 On A Resume

Have you ever wondered if you’re even doing a resume the way it should be written to align with today’s job market? This one mistake is costing you A LOT.

The truth is, most people guess on what a resume should be. They will take a little bit of advice from peers, co-workers, professors, and random people they interact with. Let me tell you, it’s probably the worst tactic to do this. And it’s costing you BIG TIME.

So let’s dig into this a bit more. Why would taking advice from people who have applied for similar jobs or maybe a professor that used to work in the industry be the wrong advice source? Great question. Let’s take this a bit further.

The reality is, respectfully, these individuals that you are taking advice from, are not working directly with hiring decision makers on the DAILY for what resonates with recruiters and hiring managers. I realize the intention to ask for help from valuable sources seems like it’s helping, but it’s really not. In fact, it’s costing you missed opportunities-more than you know.

I’m a firm believer that landing our dream opportunity that aligns with our values and goals takes more than just an incredibly well written resume. BUT, I also believe that finding an opportunity is the end game, and our resume is a required tool that we must be able to package properly together for a future employer.

What I will say is that any elite recruiter that has been working in the hiring industry for at least 10 years, will agree that you have about 5 seconds to grab a decision maker’s attention. Within 5 seconds they have subconcsiously made unconscious biases about a person based off what they see on paper.

So yes, the mistake of not having a resume that fulfills its true purpose is going to cost you a missed opportunity, or two, or sometimes even more than 5. The value of missing out on that opportunity that can provide a better life for you and your family is worth a lot more than just a 10K raise. It could mean you stop cringing at your bank account every time you pay off bills, it could reduce less fights with your spouse about money, it could mean putting your child in the activity you have been wanting to but couldn’t because you didn’t have the money to do so, it could mean more time at home because you don’t have a crazy commute every day, and it could be that one opportunity that makes you feel alive again about going to work.

So yes, when I say that you don’t want to take writing your resume lightly-I mean it sincerely. I mean it in the way that this is something you don’t want to just skim over or have a friend briefly read it over for grammar mistakes.

If you don’t already have a tried and true resume template to start with, an entire process on how you plan on positioning your skill sets that resonates with TODAY’s job market, and a editing strategy to ensure you have everything buttoned up BEFORE you hit send on those job applications, I would encourage you to PUMP THE BREAKS now.

Make a HUGE pause in your job search and make sure you realign this part of the job search process and get the proper and expert help from someone that has been studying the job market for almost 10 years.

Think about your family, your goals, and where you’re at right now. You can’t get where you want to be alone. Trying to navigate the muddy waters of the job market is overwhelming, emotionally taxing, and requires you to make a change. Job stress is one of the top 3 reasons most people end up in therapy because they lack the direction and guidance to get themselves out of their current employment situations until they emotionally break and then they just take the first thing that get’s them a one-way ticket out of their current miserable situation.

If you’re ready to stop guessing, missing out on opportunities that you didn’t even know you were missing out on, and you’re ready to level up your resume to expand your opportunities, then sign up for my course-Resume That Converts To Interviews Course. Click Learn More for more information on course!