Self-Care Tips That Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Work Performance

Self-care is something that we often don’t think has direct correlation to your performance levels. We think of self-care as something that is “nice” to have or a “luxury” if you have the time right? Not if you’re operating as a high performer. 

One of the books I read this year was High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It is an incredible book based on research about how and why high performers are the way they are.  

After I reading the book, I wanted to put some of these steps to the test in my personal life. I wanted to see for myself how self-care would directly condition me to perform at higher levels.

Here are the top self-care tips that I found to have the most drastic improvements in my life and why:


1: Develop a solid morning routine that works for you


It’s been proven in scriptures, the best leaders, and the highest performing athletes that a morning routine is a necessity.When you can allow yourself the time to get in the right headspace to set intention for your day, it equips you with the right mindset to tackle the day (even when it’s chaos and challenges are happening). 

As a working mom, my weeks are crazy and some days I had a ton of challenges being thrown my way. The difference I saw was in myself. The difference was my ability to not let some of these challenges (the everyday life stuff that can knock us down) effect my determination to still have a great day and be productive. Within a week, I saw a huge difference in myself and how I approached every day because I had developed a morning routine that allowed me to prepare for my day before I had the craziness start by 7am (the time my daughter usually was up and we were off with our day). 

Think about how you’re showing up to work right now. Are you rolling into the office stressed and already defeated? Are you giving up on yourself before the day has even really began? Are you already complaining about the email your boss sends you because they are asking more from you?  

Choose to be ready for your day on your terms

Do not let the day run you. 

2. Get intentional about your physiology

Physiology is about understanding how you want to treat your body. Your physical body needs tune ups and fuel to keep going. These are some key physiology items to start thinking about as you begin thinking about your self-care routine. 

Physically moving everyday I think we all know is good for us. What I think we struggle with is getting intentional about how we move every day and how it will work best for us. For me personally, I started realizing that incorporating physical movement into my mornings allowed me to wake my body up and generate some natural serotonin to kick start my day. 

Working out in the morning help me bring clarity to my day, do something good for my body, and it brought on a ton of energy for me the entire morning. I felt like I was able to be my most productive when my mind was clear and my body got physical movement. This helped shake off any sleepy grog and get myself in the zone for my day. The point is to find what works for you and something that helps you stay consistent. 

Drinking water has been a game changer in how I overall feel throughout the day. Hydrating myself so I can flush out toxins made a huge difference in not overeating and feeling more energized throughout the day. Today I drink close to a gallon of water every single day and it’s been the best thing for me. There are multiple studies on the effects of water intake as it relates to how we physically feel. In the summer, our bodies will naturally hold on to more water to stay hydrated. If we aren’t fueling it with hydration, that is when we can start feeling dehydration and we don’t even realize it.  

What does your physiology look like? Physical movement and water is going to help but what works for you? Do you need to work in a favorite yoga practice that helps clear your mind? Do you need to do a cold shower to help your muscles wake up? Do you find getting in a quick cardio workout during lunchtime helps you finish off the afternoon strong? Find what works for you! 


3. Don’t cancel on yourself

We attend appointments and meetings every week that others ask us to show up for. We get the invite to the meeting or we make an appointment for our kiddo to go see their dentist. We make these meeting times a priority because we understand the consequences of cancelling them and how it can effect certain outcomes. 

Would if we treated self-care like an appointment you make with yourself. Would if decided to have the mindset that getting the morning routine in, the workout in, the facial, or the nightly reading we do to reset ourselves was mandatory. How much more filled and productive could we be if we made showing up for ourselves a necessity and stopped treating it like a luxury?

Putting ourselves as a priority I know is a struggle for women. We are naturally inclined to please and show up for everyone else. I know we want to give, but we fall into the danger zone of continuing to give without allowing ourselves to be filled first.  

Take on a new project at work? Sure. Asked to be a part of extra meetings? Ok. Stay late so we can help someone else? Yep, I’ll do that. Asked to be a parent volunteer? Yep I need to be there! 

What continues to surprise me is that we are so quick to say yes to others, but we forget to say yes to ourselves. The constant giving from an empty cup is not serving your clients, co-workers, and or your team because you’re going to start feeling overworked and resentful. 

Once you decide to make some self-care efforts, don’t cancel on yourself. The one person you NEED to make an absolute priority before you start letting others take is yourself. Giving is an amazing act of kindness and our world continues to need it. What I want you to start thinking of self-care as a “PRIMER” to your ability to give. Your self-care routine is the primer that needs to be the first order of business every single day because it will keep the giving genuine rather than another “thing” you should do.  

4. Disconnect so you can reconnect 

Social media and apps can become a huge distraction in our ability to connect and build genuine relationships. The science tells us that “scrolling” dumps dopamine into our brains that create the feeling of wanting more. 

Technology will never replace a genuine human connection and it’s a basic need we all have-is to connect! Building relationships that have depth and allow us to be present requires us to put the phones away and let ourselves focus on what is naturally around us. How many minutes are you scrolling at work rather than setting up a lunch meeting with a mentor that can help you with getting to your goals faster. How many nights are you spending scrolling on your phone when there is a friend you would love to catch up with, but can’t seem to “schedule in” the time. 

Are there specific goals you want to hit but can’t seem to find hours in the day to commit to them? I challenge you to cut your scrolling time and start using that time to connect with the goals you keep saying you want to do that you “don’t have time for.” What are they? How much time are you giving to scrolling that could be used to reconnect with those that are craving your connection. 

5. Are you getting enough sleep? 

This one is HUGE. Sleep is not a luxury it is a biological need. As adults, we perform at our highest levels with 7-8 hours of sleep. Anything less is going to instantly decrease our cognitive ability. Any neuroscientist you ask will have at least 3 ways the brain is effected by lack of proper sleep.  

How has your sleep been lately? Are you staying up late trying to squeeze in extra Netflix episodes that can wait until the weekend? I love Netflix too, but your body needs sleep not Netflix to truly “unwind” and rest. Lack of sleep is going to cause irritability, decrease in cognitive ability, and low energy levels that make you feel depleted. Again, lowering our abilities to give more when we want to, but not having the energy to do it because we are tired. 

6. Self-care doesn’t have to cost money

 Self-care is not about spending money. It’s not about scheduling massages and vacations to “escape” (although those are nice if you’re able to do those). What I want you to refrain from is thinking you need to spend money to “take care of yourself.” The truth is you don’t have to spend any money doing it. Self-care is about reconnecting with yourself and getting a clear mind so you can play a bigger game with your priorities. 

Self-care is a daily habit that needs to be constantly scheduled in. If you’re able to work in the items that cost money-go for it! What I want you to take away from this post is that you don’t have to spend any money to hit the reset button for yourself so you can show up as the best version. The best version of yourself is NOT tired, unhappy, and stressed. The best version of yourself is vibrant, creative, kind, and motivated. 

These were my key takeaway strategies based on personal experience and reading several books around how we can physically take care of our bodies and mind to perform at higher levels. 

I challenge you to take some of these tools and see how it improves your ability to show up in your day. I realize some of these may seem like common sense, but our ability to be consistent with these is what we struggle with. When we can commit to saying yes to ourselves with having daily doses of self-care, we can give more and perform better in our work and personal lives. 

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