Phone Interview Prep Lessons From Beyoncé

Want to know a fun fact about Beyoncé? She actually reviews every playback and assesses each performance she does on stage with her team. No joke, this momma is on top of her game with her team and nails every performance because of how organized she is.

She is successful because she takes true ownership of her outcomes by ensuring her team is prepared and consistently are aligned with her vision on how things can be better for next time.

It isn’t a secret that her team knows exactly the mission they are trying to accomplish at the next performance and what preparation needs to take place.

One of my favorite quotes my father would say growing up is, “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” I truly find this to be totally true for our careers and where we land isn’t by accident.

The phone interview is something you need to put time into preparing for girlfriend. The difference between your interviewer scheduling next steps or nicely saying “thanks but no thanks” could come down to your preparation efforts.

So get ready, I’m dishing my queen Yoncé tips right here!

Tip 1: Have your resume and all necessary notes ready to go for your call.

My favorite thing about phone interviews is the ability to sort of “cheat” by having all your notes on points you want to hit on, examples you can use, and writing down the questions you want to ask. I coach my clients to prepare for phone interviews by making sure they use 1 copy of their resume to write all over it with notes and another sheet to write out questions they want to ask their interviewer.

Tip 2: Use storytelling to connect your interviewer with your answers.

People connect to stories and examples more than just answering a question for face value. Anticipate answers for most “commonly asked interview questions” and have example/stories on how tackled that question in real life momma. Using examples of how you did something matters.

Here is an example.

“One of my strengths is influencing my business partners to buy into new strategies even when change can be difficult. For example, when I was working at PayPal, I had the opportunity to infuse my ability to influence stakeholders by scheduling weekly meetings to ensure lines of communication were open on priorities and where I could pivot my team’s efforts. I was able to hear their pain points and action on them urgently and slowly build my credibility as a trusted partner.” I used that opportunity to become a partner and focus on delievering results for pain points that the marketing department continued having. In my career, I have come to know that becoming a trusted partner is so valuable any organization to infuse new ideas and influence others through the change management process.

My motto always is showing not telling. When you can show your interviewer how you have displayed your strengths you say you have, that speaks volumes when you can use concrete examples and use the power of storytelling. Usually if you can keep 3-4 stories in your back pocket that display leadership, how you overcame a weakness, and how you dealt with a difficult situation usually will do the trick with any interview!

Tip 3: Establish good phone presence with your interviewer quickly.

Since it’s a phone interview, you really have the first 60-90 seconds to make an impression over the phone Speak slowly, smile, and make sure you’re in good posture to deliver good voice inflections. I have done a zillion phone interviews, and nothing is more boring than an individual who doesn’t seem excited about the company or speaking with me. You will loose your interviewers interest quickly if you’re coming across dull and boring. One tip I give my clients is to stand up and pace around the phone while you’re talking if that helps you with phone confidence.

So there you have it. Some great tips to get you prepared like Beyoncé to nail that phone interview girlfriend!

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Marisella Bodrero