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My Story

Have you ever felt unfulfilled and burnt out from your job?

I know I did at points in my career. Here is my story.

I started my career in corporate recruiting almost 10 years ago working for startups and fortune 100 companies.  I worked for some of the top employers as I studied and mastered the hiring processes for many organizations. Sometimes I had over 100+ jobs I was responsible to fill with less than 60 days to get this done. The pressure was insane.

I realized through these experiences I have been able to learn how hiring decisions are made, why certain individuals were getting promoted, and how you ultimately grow in your career (without getting burned out).

I knew there had to be better ways for women to find ultimate fulfillment in your career without feeling like you have to pick between having a life and pursuing your career.

I want you to be the hero of your story. Take command and step into your journey using tools and strategies that help you create the career you want.